VitalSleep: The Most Customizable Anti-snoring Mouthpiece

vitalsleepChronic snoring is a serious condition that is both harmful to your health and disruptive to your sleep and your partner. It signifies that your body is struggling for breath throughout the night and not receiving the essential oxygen it needs to function properly throughout the day. Consistent snoring is caused by a blockage in the airway that limits the intake of air and deprives the body of oxygen. As you fall asleep, your muscles relax and the tongue becomes slack, sometimes falling back into the throat and obstructing your breathing. This causes abnormal vibrations in the throat which leads to the emission of a loud, disruptive noise; snoring. In this case, besides a surgical procedure, the best solution is an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

VitalSleep is a Mandibular Advancement Device which repositions the jaw forward in order to tighten the muscles of the mouth and kept the tongue from falling back into the throat. This design is guaranteed to eliminate snoring as soon as it is put in your mouth. Mouthpieces can only be effective if they remain in your mouth throughout the entire night while allowing your jaw to rest in the correct position. For this to happen, the device must fit securely and comfortably in your mouth or it could slip out of position or even out of your mouth completely as you sleep. Because the VitalSleep mouthpiece is one of the most customizable anti-snoring devices available, it will sit comfortably in your mouth until you take it out leaving no chance for snoring throughout the night.

VitalSleep is initially ordered as either a regular size for larger mouths or a small size for smaller mouths. It comes with a hex tool so that the top and bottom pieces of the device can be adjusted to the shape of your mouth. It can be adjusted at any time, giving a range of 7mm. The device uses the “boil and bite” method, meaning that the piece is placed is boiling water for around 20 seconds and then dipped in cold water so that it can be safely paced in the mouth. After the device is cooled, you must bite down onto the guard with moderate to heavy pressure in order to effectively mold the device to your mouth. Pressing the plastic to your teeth as the mold forms can help ensure for a tighter fitting mouthpiece. Remove the device from your mouth and place into ice water to help the mold solidify. Test to see if the shape is comfortable by placing in your mouth again. If the fit is secure, the device can be further adjusted by the small screws that allow the lower piece to be advanced. If the fit is not comfortable, the device can be boiled and molded up to 3 times.

VitalSleep also offers their customers a 1-year warranty that guarantees unlimited replacements for a year after purchasing. This is an especially attractive deal for those who grind their teeth in the night and may need more frequent replacements than other users. This is also good news if you find the “boil and bite” method difficult and end up ruining the first mouthpiece while attempting to find the proper fit. Regardless of the reason, the full year of warranty can save consumers $60.00, the initial cost of the device, every time a replacement is ordered. In addition, the company offers a 30 day trial period and a full money-back guarantee if, for any reason, the device is not effective for you. VitalSleep is a risk-free anti-snoring mouthpiece that promises complete customization and comfort.


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