Are Hybrid Solutions Best For Data Protection?

A business without data is dead. It just can’t go on. How can a business run, more so, thrive if there’s loss of data.? All kinds of businesses rely a lot on data. No matter what kind of business it is, it relies a lot on data. That’s the reason why businesses should take care of their data.

Businesses are well aware of the fact that IT environments generate data that needs effective storage technology and data recovery technology like backup and disaster recovery. This applies to all kinds of businesses regardless of the size (SMBs, SMEs, Large Enterprises).


Unfortunately, some businesses don’t put too much importance on data backups. Even worst, they don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place.

There’s no excuse for lack of data backups. Whether a business is big or small, it should have a reliable process to back up data. That way, they can always get back their data in case of an emergency.

A solid disaster recovery plan includes a reliable backup system. The problem is, some businesses don’t want to invest in it. They think it’s just too expensive.

So, why are SMBs, SMEs or startups reluctant about purchasing and setting up these technologies? It’s the price tag on them.
IT infrastructures tend to be very costly and besides these CapEx costs, there are OpEx costs to them as well. An IT infrastructure requires maintenance, power, cooling and teams that manage and maintain them.


A disaster recovery plan does not have to include costly IT infrastructures. There is a more affordable option for small businesses.

Instead of pushing IT environments into the corner, businesses can opt to setup value products and support their IT environments. There are a number of technologies available that can make this happen …


Small businesses can consider backing up to the cloud. There are cloud service providers that don’t even require their clients to set up any kind of IT infrastructure. Once the business is signed with the service, data from the computers are automatically backed up. Now, that’s pretty convenient but it doesn’t mean that it suits all kinds of businesses.

Cloud technology might sound convenient from the stand point of a small business owner. However, there are three things to consider when opting for the cloud.

o It’s good but not as efficient as on-premises infrastructure
o It gets complex when you integrate it for storage, backup and disaster recovery
o It’s susceptible to network connections, bandwidth limitations and file size limitations


While cloud technology has its limitation, it coud still be very …

How to Create Landing Page Design That Increases Conversions

People create landing pages for different purposes: someone is looking to grow an email list, present new product, or increase sales. Depending on your goals, you can steer your visitors in exactly the direction you want them to take using a landing page. Conversion Rate Experts brought $1M to Moz by landing page optimization and email marketing, so you see the power of a single landing page with a few links and call-to-action buttons. However, crafting a good landing page is not the same as creating a successful portfolio website or online store. There are certain guidelines of a landing … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Myths About Being a Freelance Web Designer

Starting a business is one of the biggest leaps of faith you’ll ever take. And it seems like more people in the web design and development fields make this move every day.

Why? Well, it’s an attractive proposition. Web design isn’t a particularly expensive business to get into. While you can use brand-name tools, there are plenty of free and low-cost alternatives. Server space is relatively cheap. And, so long as you have a decent broadband connection, you can work from home.

With such a low barrier for entry, working as a freelancer has become quite a mainstream thing to do. However, when I started my business back in 1999, I got used to seeing stunned reactions from people when they learned that I worked for myself in my own home office. My, how times have changed.

Yet, one thing that hasn’t quite evolved are the myths associated with freelancing. When speaking with folks who are thinking of taking the plunge or just starting their journey, I often hear many of the same assumptions that I myself put forth many years earlier.

As many of these notions are still prevalent, I thought it would be worthwhile to examine a few of the most common ones a little more closely and set the record straight.

Myth #1: You Can Work Whenever You Want

One of the most common misconceptions about being a freelance web designer is that you can simply set any type of work schedule you like. For instance, you might want to set your regular business hours in the evening, because that’s when you feel most productive. However, depending on the type of clients you hope to attract, this isn’t always realistic.

As my business got off the ground, I assumed that I could go missing for several hours during the day and just make up for the time later on. But it didn’t take long to realize that my clients worked a normal business day, and they expected me to be available throughout that time.

Taking care of clients is one of the biggest keys to finding success. Therefore, it’s important to consider their needs when determining your work schedule. It may be possible to keep those evening hours, but then again it may not.

A man working on a laptop, while sitting on a park bench at night.

Myth #2: You’ll Make Lots of Money Right Away

Earnings potential is a big reason why you may decide to go freelance. But the key word here is potential. Certainly, it’s possible to make a good living. However, it usually doesn’t happen overnight.

There are so many factors that go into a freelancer’s income. Your skill/experience level, specialties and the …

35+ Best Google Slides Themes & Templates 2019

Google Slides is one of the best free tools available for creating a quick slideshow presentation. And we’ve collected some of the best Google Slides themes and templates to help you create a visually stunning slide deck.

In this post, we’re featuring some of the best Google Slides templates you can use to create a professional presentation without designing everything from scratch. This collection includes various types of Google Slides themes, including templates for marketing purposes, startup pitch decks, product presentations, and much more.

The collection includes both free and premium Google Slides templates. Feel free to browse and pick one that matches your project and presentation!

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a presentation creation tool built by Google. It’s completely free to use and you can use it online without the need of installing any software on your computer. Think of it as a free and cloud-based version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Just like PowerPoint, Google Slides provides you with all the tools and features you need to create beautiful slideshows and presentations. It’s quite easy to use and you can access it anywhere on your laptop or phone for free, as long as you have a Google account.

Google Slides also supports the use of templates. With pre-designed templates, you can easily import beautiful slide designs that have been already crafted by professional designers to easily create your own presentations.

To use a template, all you have to do is create a new Google Slides file and then go to the File menu and select Import Slides. From there you’ll be able to upload a template and import slide designs into the app.

Our Favorite Google Slides Templates

Looking for a quick find? Then our favorite picks of the list will help you find a great Google Slides template.

Top Premium Pick

Moral – Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Moral - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Moral is a modern and beautiful Google Slides templates that comes with a set of multipurpose slide designs. This template is most suitable for designing all kinds of creative, professional, and business presentations.

Moral Google Slides template comes with 30 unique slide designs that are available in 5 different color schemes. It also includes image placeholders and editable vector images as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The multipurpose design is what makes this Google Slides template special. In addition, it also features a clean and minimal design that can be adapted to create any type of presentation slideshow.

Top Free Pick

Free Corporate Google Slides Template

Free Corporate Google Slides Template

Among many ordinary free Google Slides templates, this one stands out thanks to its high-quality slide design. This template has been

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Google Slides

You know that video can add extra spark to a website design, but it can also spice up a presentation. The challenge is that embedded videos can sometimes result in presentation mishaps if they don’t play properly.

It can be pretty embarrassing to run into one of these mishaps, but they are totally preventable.

Today, we’re going to walk through how to embed a YouTube video in Google Slides so you can nail your presentation, embedded video and all!

Know Your Presentation Location

Knowing where you will be giving your presentation is especially important when it comes to embedding video

It might seem like an odd first step but knowing where you will be giving your presentation is especially important when it comes to embedding video.

To play a video from an online source, such as YouTube, you’ll need to have an internet connection and enough bandwidth to handle the video during your presentation. Running Google Slides also requires a connect to the internet.

Knowing whether this capability is available can dictate if a using a video in your presentation is a good idea or not.

Note that if you plan to create a presentation in Google Slides and export it to your local computer in another file format, such as PowerPoint, the video is no longer playable and will appear as a still image in the downloaded presentation.

1. Open Your Presentation

how to embed a youtube video in google slides

Open your Google Slides presentation or create a new document to get started.

Prepare slides as you would for any other presentation. Insert a slide where you plan to play the video using the template or style that you’ve chosen for the rest of the presentation.

2. Insert the Video

To insert the video, navigate to the Insert menu, the select Video. A box for YouTube will automatically pop up.

Did you know YouTube is a Google company? That’s one reason the link is easy and the popular video channel is searchable right from Google Slides.

From the menu, you have three options for inserting a video:

  • Search YouTube
  • Enter YouTube URL
  • From your Google Drive

Search YouTube

how to embed a youtube video in google slides

If you know what kind of video you want but not the exact URL, you can search YouTube here.

Results will be most specific if you know the title of the video you are looking for.

Enter the title or keywords, click the magnifying glass to search, and you’ll get a list of results. Click the one you want and then the blue select button to add it to the slide.


how to embed a youtube video in google slides

The easiest and quickest way to get just the video you want for your …

A More Practical Way To Recover Data From Ransomware

Ransomware is scary. It’s a computer virus you’d want to stay away from. If your computer isn’t protected, it’s going to be pretty hard to stay away from it.

Sad to say, the most common remedy to this particular virus is to pay an exorbitant fee to get back your data. That’s ridiculous! Why should you have to pay for your very own data?

Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes. Once your computer is infected by ransomware, everything in it is held hostage. If you think that’s totally surreal and it can’t happen to you, well, think again.

Every 14 seconds, a new business is targeted by ransomware — a virus that holds its software systems or data hostage until a ransom is paid for their safe return.


The last thing your business needs is to be in the mercy of hackers. You simply cannot afford to have all your confidential data turned over to a bunch of crooks.

If your computers have not been infected by ransomware, then good for you. However, that does not mean that you’re going to be spared from it at all times. Your computers can still get infected. You just don’t know when.

It’s just very unfortunate that businesses have to pay to get back their data. They don’t really have much of a choice, do they?

Once businesses are hit, they have 2 options: Pay hackers to return the data, or pay ransom-busting startups to recover it.


Even if you don’t resort to paying the hacker, you’re bound to spend a lot as well.

But, according to a new ProPublica report, those 2 options are often the same: Most “high-tech” data recovery startups merely pay the hackers behind the scenes — and then pocket the extra fees.


While ransomware recovery companies offer a valuable service to help you in times of trouble, you would still have to pay. In most cases, you would have to pay a lot.

The business model is simple: Ransomware recovery companies charge their clients fees that are far higher than the ransom amounts, so they make money no matter what.
Some firms are upfront about the fact that they negotiate with hackers — sharing data with law enforcement agencies and security researchers to prevent future thefts — but most intentionally obscure their payouts.


It’s hard to tell how ransomware recovery companies go about their business. The thing is, their service is useless if they just end up paying the hackers. Why hire a company to do that when you could do it yourself, right? Besides, paying …

35+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates 2019

We’ve handpicked a collection of Instagram post and Story templates with professional designs. You can easily customize these templates to add your own text and images to create a more successful Instagram content strategy.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting brands and businesses. But, with millions of posts being added every day, you need to think outside the box to attract your followers’ attention.

If you’re tired of using the same old designs to promote your brand and products on Instagram and looking for a better way to get more followers, you should consider using more professional post layouts and designs, especially for creating attractive Instagram Stories.

To help you find the right design to promote your business, we’ve curated some of our favorite Instagram post and Story templates, designed to wow your audience.

Our Favorite Instagram Templates

Jump into the list of templates by first checking out our favorite Instagram templates.

Top Premium Pick

330+ Instagram Post & Banner Templates

330+ Instagram Post & Banner Templates

There are many great Instagram template bundles in our list but we had to include this bundle as our top pick for its sheer size.

This behemoth of a templates pack comes with 337 Instagram post templates. It will pretty much cover your Instagram social media content strategy for an entire year.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Each template in this pack comes as fully-layered and easily customizable PSD files. Each template also features unique designs that will allow you to run a new promotion every day without making your posts look similar. With this bundle, you’ll never run out of ideas for creating unique Instagram posts ever again.

Top Free Pick

SOKA – Free Social Media Templates Pack

SOKA - Free Social Media Templates Pack

Soka is a bundle of free social media templates that features 12 stylish designs for making Instagram posts for creative brands, agencies, and small businesses.

The templates in this pack are compatible with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and you can also customize them quite easily using Photoshop as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

If you’re looking for a set of simple social media post templates you can use across multiple platforms, this bundle is surely worth downloading. The creative and unique designs of each post template will also make you stand out from the crowd.

Foodies Social Media Kit Instagram Templates

Foodies Social Media Kit Instagram Templates

This is a bundle of 9 unique Instagram post templates designed specifically for foodies and restaurants for sharing all kinds of food-related posts to attract customers. All of the templates are easily editable with Photoshop and includes smart objects.

Woman Fashion Instagram Templates Kit

Woman Fashion Instagram Templates Kit

If you’re promoting a fashion brand or a clothing …

Importance of Typography in Marketing and Trending Styles For 2019

At this stage, with so many websites into existence, it can be a tad difficult to leave your mark. Of course, your unique services/products could set you apart; however, with a mundane website layout and uninteresting visuals, it can be hard to achieve originality. This is where typography comes into the picture. What Is Typography? To some people, typography is an art; while to others, it is a way of showcasing their personality into their products by keeping things simple yet creative. In other words, typography is the skill of learning to use the right text or font in the … Continue reading

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40+ Best Fonts for Logo Design

Crafting the perfect logo often takes a lot of hard work and time. You have to come up with a design outline, pick the right colors, and find the perfect logo font to match the branding. Don’t worry. We’re here to make that process a bit easier for you.

No need to spend hours surfing the web to find a great font for your logo design, we’ve already picked the best ones for you. Have a look at this handpicked collection of the best logo fonts and choose the one that works best for your project!

Are you in the middle of a logo design project? Don’t forget to check out our in-depth guide on how to design a logo!

4 Tips for Choosing a Logo Font

Choosing a font for a logo design can be tough. These tips will help you make that decision-making process a lot easier.

1. Serif or Sans-Serif?

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when choosing a font for a logo is deciding whether to use a serif font or a sans-serif font. While there are many other types of fonts used in logo design, it will always come down to serif and sans-serif as they play a key role in defining the brand and the business behind a logo.

The type of font you choose for your logo will determine whether it’s a formal brand or a casual brand. You’ll notice how almost every luxury clothing brand or multinational corporation uses serif fonts in its logo design. While more personal and casual brands use sans-serif fonts.

It’s important that you also follow this trend when choosing a font for your logo to keep the design consistent with your company branding and to make it more appealing to your target audience.

2. Choose a Font Based on Logo Usage

Think about where and how your logo will be used. Are you designing a logo for a mobile app? Then you should pick a font with a crispy design that looks great on all sizes of device screens. Are you designing a logo that gets printed on stationery and posters? Then you need to find a font that can be resized without affecting its clarity.

Imagine using a thick bold font in your logo and having to print it on a letterhead. It won’t look as great or clearly visible when it’s printed on paper. So think carefully about how and where the logo will be used when choosing the font.

3. Use a Font That Match Your Brand’s Identity

The logo is a part of a brand’s identity. It’s what help …

25+ Bold & Free Script Fonts

Today we’re featuring some of the best free script fonts from across the web. We’ve hand-picked bold script fonts with impact, that can be a stand-out choice for your next project.

Fonts don’t always need to be expensive. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the fonts in this collection are actually free to use.

We handpicked these bold script fonts from all around the web, so be sure to check the license and attribution details before using them with your client and commercial projects.

Unlimited Downloads of 1 Million+ Serif, Script, Sans-Serif Fonts & More

If you’re looking for high-end results and you want your font to stand out, it’s a good idea to choose from one of the many affordable premium fonts available through Envato Elements. Here are a few of our favorite fonts:

All the fonts you need, and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription. It starts at $17 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of 500,000+ items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

Before we get to the free items, we wanted to show you a couple of our favourite script fonts from Envato Elements:



This beautiful handwritten script font features both uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and punctuations. It’s the perfect font for designing everything from website headers to greeting cards, T-Shirt designs, and more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

The Historia

The Historia

Historia is a script font with a vintage brush style script design. The font features a realistic hand painted look and it’s ideal for crafting posters, book covers, and banners. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and glyphs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription



Watch is a modern script font with a graffiti style design. You can use it to design website headers, posters, social media posts, and much more. It will fit in well with millennial and fashion related designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Sophia Script

Sophia Script

This elegant script font is the perfect choice for designing greeting cards and wedding invitations. It features a natural and flowing design that makes it one of a kind. In addition to the basic characters, the font also includes 370 glyphs and 115 alternate characters as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Stay High

Stay High

Stay High is a unique script font with a pop-culture design. It’s a great choice for designing posters, flyers, banners, and other types of print and digital designs. The font also includes 200 ligatures and glyphs as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

The Crawley Script Font

The Crawley Script Font

Crawley is a retro-themed script font that …