Get the Right Value of Your Pennies, With These PHP Frameworks

Are you dreaming of a working life filled with modern web development tools, frameworks, and practices? If so, it’s the perfect moment to cast an envious glance on these highly customizable PHP frameworks that allow you to deliver more versatile, eye-catching and flexible apps in a short period of time. Speaking about me, my routine isn’t all that revolutionary, but it has some real fun as long as I get to play around a lot of diverse technologies. Now I happen to stumble upon several articles/posts written by those who haven’t used any of these frameworks out there and just … Continue reading

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20+ Best Facebook Cover & Post Mockups

If you’re a social media manager or a small business owner looking to supercharge your Facebook content strategy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Developing high-quality content for Facebook can be tough when you’re managing everything by yourself. It’s easy for big corporations with big budgets to design unique and beautiful content to grow their Facebook pages, but how can you afford the time to craft each post?

You don’t need to spend hours creating awesome content for your Facebook page. Try these Facebook mockup templates and you’ll be able to easily create a proper content strategy for your Facebook promotions without even having to hire a graphic designer.

What is a Facebook Cover or Post Mockup?

Professional graphic designers who work with social media designs, such as Facebook covers and post designs for businesses often use mockup templates when presenting their designs to clients.

Mockup templates let you show your Facebook covers and post designs in an environment that looks just like Facebook. This allows your clients to see how the covers and posts will look like when it’s uploaded to their business page.

Facebook cover and mockup templates are quite easy to work with. All you have to do is open the file in Photoshop and you’ll be able to place your own designs in the mockup with just a few clicks using the smart object layers in Photoshop.

Our Favorite Facebook Cover & Post Mockups

These are our favorite free and premium picks of all the Facebook cover and post mockups in this list.

Top Premium Pick

Facebook Desktop Mockup Template

Facebook Desktop Mockup Template

This is a complete mockup of the desktop version of Facebook featuring all elements of a Facebook page in one bundle.

The template features mockups for the cover image, profile image, a post mockup, and more. It’s available in PSD format and in 1920 x 3128 resolution.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Why download multiple templates when you can get them all in one bundle. This pack includes all the mockups you’ll need to promote your Facebook marketing designs.

Top Free Pick

Free Facebook Page Mockup

Free Facebook Page Mockup

This free mockup template is perfect for showcasing your Facebook designs if you’re on a tight budget. The mockup has space for showcasing the page cover, profile picture, and a post as well.

The mockup is available in 1208 x 1152 and it comes as a fully layered PSD file you can easily customize using Photoshop.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The ease of use is one of the best features of this free mockup template. As it comes with smart layers, you’ll be able to easily

60+ Best Free Fonts for Designers 2019 (Serif, Script & Sans Serif)

We’re amazed at the number, and quality, of free fonts available today. Designers have an incredible choice of free fonts to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a serif, script, or sans-serif font, today’s collection of the best free fonts for designers has you covered!

Utilizing a great-looking font is a key part of making any type of design look more professional. Of course, you don’t always have to use premium fonts to achieve that same level of professionalism. If you can’t afford to spend money on premium fonts to make your designs look great, you can always turn to one of the thousands of free fonts.

This collection includes the best free script fonts, serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, decorative fonts, and much more to match any kind of design project you’re working on. Go ahead, scroll down and start downloading. Every font is free!

Unlimited Downloads of 500,000+ Serif, Script, Sans-Serif Fonts & More

If you’re looking for high-end results and you want your font to stand out, it’s a good idea to choose from one of the many affordable premium fonts available through Envato Elements. Here are a few of our favorite fonts:

All the fonts you need, and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription. It starts at $17 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of 500,000+ items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

Just looking for a stylish free font? No problem. Let’s dive into our collection of the best free fonts of 2019!

Potra – Free Futuristic Font

Potra - Free Futuristic Font

Potra is a modern typeface with a futuristic design. This font is ideal for crafting social media posts, T-Shirts, website headers, and more.

Milea Handwritten Brush Font

Milea Handwritten Brush Font

Milea is an elegant brush font with a natural handwritten style. It’s perfect for everything from book covers to wedding invitations, website designs, blogs, and much more.

Moon – Modern Rounded Typeface

Moon - Modern Rounded Typeface

Moon is a beautifully minimalist sans-serif font with rounded character design. This font is perfect for designing everything from website headers to poster titles and much more.

Tahu – Free Script Font

Tahu - Free Script Font

Tahu is a modern script font with a minimalist design. It’s perfect for T-shirt designs, website headers, and social media posts. The font is free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Odachi – Free Brush Font

Odachi - Free Brush Font

Odachi is an elegant free brush font with a rough design. It’s completely free to use with your commercial projects. It includes numbers, alternates, and punctuations as well.

Hesland – Free Vintage Script Font

Hesland - Free Vintage Script Font

Hesland is a free script font …

65+ Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Templates

Beautiful wedding invitations can make a huge difference when it comes to your special day. Whether your wedding style is vintage, floral, modern, minimal, or hand made, one of these invitation templates will be perfect!

These invitation templates contain all the essentials including ‘Save the Date’, ‘RSVP’ and ‘Thank You’ notes in addition to a regular wedding invite. All the templates are easily editable with Photoshop, and comes in a print-ready format so you can instantly edit the text and send them out to your friends and family!

5 Tips for Designing a Wedding Invitation

Designing a beautiful wedding invitation is not that difficult, as long as you know the right techniques to follow. Here are a few tips that’ll help you design a more professional invitation.

1. Pick a Consistent Design

Choosing a theme for your wedding invitation design is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Because all the other designs including save the date cards, table cards, thank you cards, menu, and everything else will use the same the visual style of the invitation.

Pick your design style carefully and make sure it matches the theme of your wedding. If you’re using templates, try to pick up a bundle that has matching templates for all wedding card designs.

2. Choose the Right Font Combination

The titles and the text take the center stage of every wedding invitation. As a result, your choice of font for the design will matter more than anything else.

It’s best to use two different fonts, one for the titles and the other for paragraphs. While script and handwritten fonts are a popular choice for wedding invitation designs, you can also use serif fonts depending on the theme of your wedding.

3. Highlight the Important Parts

Give extra attention to the titles, venue, dates, and name sections of your wedding invitations. These are the main parts of the entire design. Find the right font size that highlights them without taking the attention away from other elements.

4. Add Some Personality

Adding a personal touch to your wedding invitations is also a great idea to make the design look unique and stand out. Some prefer to add photos and some add handwritten notes. Whatever it is, remember to leave enough space in the layout for these additional elements when you’re designing the invitation.

5. Steal Like an Artist

Even the greatest artists steal sometimes. If you’re having a creative block, try to find inspiration in invitations designed by others. Study how designers use font combinations, color palettes, illustrations, content layouts to create professional designs. Our list of wedding invitation templates is …

30+ Best Portrait Photoshop Actions

Retouching and enhancing portrait photos is a time-consuming task, and starting from scratch with every photo can be frustrating. Using a portrait Photoshop Action can save time, and give you a beautiful result with a few clicks. Let’s dive into some of the best portrait Photoshop Actions available today.

These Photoshop Actions help you save time and improve your workflow when editing a portrait photo. You can use them to instantly retouch photos, add makeup, enhance colors, add effects, adjust toning, and much more with just a single click. Say hello to a faster, simpler workflow (and some impressive end results!). And if you’re looking for more advice and guidance on using these, our Photoshop Actions feature is a great place to start!

3 Tips for Editing Portrait Photos

If you’re new to editing portrait photos, these tips will help you get a better understanding of how the editing process works.

1. Try to Use RAW Images

As you know, JPG is a file format that uses compression to try and reduce the size of your images while preserving the quality of the image. As a result, the JPG file format sacrifices some data and quality elements captured by the sensor of your camera in exchange for convenience.

This is why most professional photographers use the RAW file format. This format captures photos in much higher quality without affecting the quality of the image whatsoever. Even most modern smartphones now have the option to enable RAW file format.

Use it whenever you can to capture high-quality images so when you edit them in Photoshop, you’ll have a much better and uncompressed image to work with.

2. Master the Art of Toning

Toning is the process of adjusting the color balance, brightness, and contrast, and saturation levels to achieve the perfect balance in your photos. This process usually differs from one photo to another based on certain conditions like lighting conditions and camera settings. When it comes to portraits, this also applies to skin toning as well.

Whichever process you follow to set the mood with toning, always remember to use adjustment layers in Photoshop to create non-destructive adjustments. This way you’ll be able to easily edit or revert your changes however you like.

3. Don’t Overuse the Healing Brush

Healing brush is a handy tool in Photoshop that is widely used when editing portrait photos to get rid of things like pimples, freckles, and more. However, most designers make the mistake of taking it too far and using these tools to make photos look unrealistically flawless.

This is not what Photoshop is made for. Remember to preserve the natural look …

12 Outstanding Free Fonts for Minimal Blogs and Websites

There is a seemingly endless supply of crazy fonts to choose from. But few of those fonts are actually good for a blog or website. Minimal and simple fonts make great headers and body text for a website that wants to be clean and readable. With 58% of people visiting webpages on mobile devices, it’s important that web fonts be very legible even at small sizes. These fonts are all geometrically sound, have well-thought-out spacing and kerning, and were often specifically designed for screens.

What fonts look good where is often fairly subjective, but most people can appreciate a good minimal font. We live in a cluttered world with a lot of distractions, so simple fonts are seeing a revival in web design.

Here are 12 of the best free fonts for minimal blogs and websites!


Example of Montserrat

Montserrat is a sans serif font that tends to be on the thinner side. It has a bit of personality, with the inspiration coming from signage in the Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Certain characters such as the capital ‘J’, and the capital ‘R’ have special aspects that make this font really stand out, despite being minimalist. You’ll always recognize the use of Montserrat in a webpage, with iconic curves and lines.

Source Sans Pro

Example of Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is another sans serif mainstay that was specifically designed to work well in user interfaces. This makes it the perfect font for blogs and websites. Most of the characters are very simple, straightforward, and balanced. It was inspired by gothic fonts, but spread out the character’s elements vertically and horizontally, to increase readability.


Example of Simplifica

The Simplifica typeface is a somewhat condensed sans serif font. It has very consistent character heights, to increase readability. This font flows easily and legibly across any webpage. It really shows off why the word “simple” is in the name. The tall character heights make for a smashed-together look, but the wide variety of ascenders and descenders provide enough interest to prevent Simplifica from being hard to read.

Blogger Sans

Example of Blogger Sans

Blogger Sans was designed for website headers, and focuses on legibility. Some characters are shorter or more compact, which means this font is great for headings with small line spacings. While many minimalist fonts involve just straight lines, Blogger Sans employs more rounded corners. It’s a slippery slope to Comic Sans from here, so use something like this only when very appropriate.

Caviar Dreams

Example of Caviar Dreams

Caviar dreams is a thinner sans serif font that features a lot of straight lines and a few surprises. The lowercase ‘e’ in particular has a 45-degree angle line that adds a lot of personality to …

Introduction to Fine Art Photography

Fine Arts seems to be an area that few photographers have broken the barrier into. Being able to come up with an idea that sends a specific message while also portraying the artists’ vision in a uniformed way seems to be a challenge. How can you use photography to send such a message? Fine art photography may be harder to differentiate from other photography niches but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

How to Become a Fine Art Photographer

1. Come up with a unique idea

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

When deciding on an idea, consider all the things that you are passionate about. What message would you have to say about those things? How would you use your photography to put your statement into a visual form or what subject matter would you shoot? What techniques do you love using or have been interested in trying? Asking a lot of questions at first will help you make sense of what your idea is.

2. Choosing a topic

Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

Topics can range from controversial and political to consumerism and the effects social media has on our lives. Make a list of general topics and then from these ideas dig deeper into what you would really like to shine a light on. This step can be a struggle but focus on the connections you see from everything you have already writing.

3. Your subject matter

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

You might be considering a few ideas and topics but what exactly are your images going to be focused on? The subject matter you choose for your work should make a connection with your topic and idea. You want your subject matter to be something you will enjoy shooting but also one that will allow you to creatively capture your idea.

4. Deciding on a technique

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

You don’t have to spend too much time thinking deeply on this step. If you have been photographing for a while there is a good chance you have already developed a technique your own. With fine art photography, however, you want your technique to remain the same through all of your images. This will be one of the factors that will tie your body of work together.

5. Your body of work

Photo by Søren Astrup Jørgensen on Unsplash

You will have a great deal of work to show, but that doesn’t mean it should all be shown. If you are shooting work for an exhibition at a gallery then you will have a certain number of images that you will …

Jumpstart Your Career With This UX Design Bootcamp

The next level of your career starts now. If you’ve been looking to enhance your skills or break into UX design, formalized training might be the next logical step.

Springboard, an online school designed for skills that today’s workers need, is accepting applications for the next UX Design Bootcamp. This is more than an online class, it’s an intensive course that includes a design project in the industry, one-on-one mentoring, and even a guarantee that you’ll find a job in the field.

Here’s how the program works.

What Is Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp?

ux design career

The UX Design Bootcamp is a career-focused curriculum. The structure has been designed with input from hiring managers, so you’ll come out of the program with a portfolio that stands out.

The program is broken into 25 class units; you’ll work through videos, in-depth articles, hands-on projects, and career-related coursework in a number of disciplines, including:

  • Design thinking
  • User research
  • Synthesis and presentation
  • Ideating and designing
  • Sketching, wireframing, and UI
  • Prototyping and presenting
  • Design sprints

It takes most students 15 to 20 hours a week and you should finish in six months.

The most unique part of the program might be working with an actual company to complete a design project that solves a business problem. You’ll get matched with a business to work in the industry for four weeks. This will give you a good idea of how to focus your career path and build a portfolio to get you hired.

Get a Job Guarantee

The program comes with a guarantee that you will have the skills to get hired in an entry-level UX job.

If you don’t get a job within 6 months, Springboard will actually refund your money.

If you are looking to break into UX design, this is a no-lose proposition. You can develop the skills and training you need, work with a company during the program to build a portfolio, and it all comes with a job guarantee.

Design Project

The real-world experience that comes with this program sets it apart. You aren’t just working through coursework on your own. You’ll spend 40 hours working with an actual client on a design problem.

You’ll be able to put some of the skills you learn in courses – competitive research, user research, usability testing, and design recommendations – into action. Then use it all to create a portfolio that will stand out from other job applicants.

Mentoring and Career Coaching

Do you want to work with mentors from companies like Google, Uber, Axonify, or Ford? You can with this program.

Springboard provides unlimited one-on-one mentoring calls at no extra cost.…

[Freebie] Music Festival Poster Pack: 2 Styles, AI and EPS

This time Freepik brings you a selection of abstract templates for your concerts or festivals. It doesn’t matter whether you are throwing a party with your friends or planning the gig of the year in your area, we have the design you need! About Music Festival Poster Pack These Colorful and abstract templates, created by Freepik, will help to promote your music festival and you’ll break all the records! Just enter the venue details together with the date, the price of the entry and name of the event and it’ll be ready to rock! What do you say? Turn up … Continue reading

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