How to Add Music & Audio to PowerPoint

You can add a little something special to your PowerPoint presentation with music or audio. While this can be a little tricky – and requires you to know the environment where your presentation will be given – it can add a special element to the information on display.

Whether you’re wanting to add background music, sound effects, narration, or something else, it doesn’t need to be difficult at all.

Here’s how you add music/audio to PowerPoint in a few simple steps!

Note About Audio Presentations

add music to powerpoint

Before adding music or audio to a PowerPoint presentation it is important to consider two things:

Where you are giving the presentation?

Does the presentation environment or space have audio equipment and speakers that will deliver the music or other audio to everyone in the audience clearly? It’s also a good idea to do a little presentation recon and try running the presentation and sound in the space before the audience arrives.

Do you have permission to play the music or audio embedded in your presentation?

Depending on your location, content, and duration of the audio special permission from the copyright holder of the audio may be needed.

Design the Slide

add music to powerpoint

While you can add music or audio files to a slide in PowerPoint at any time, it’s recommended to design the slide first, then add audio content. (That way you don’t risk deleting or losing your audio file after it’s been inserted.)

Once you have the design ready, you can insert the audio clip from your computer.

Insert Music or Audio File

add music to powerpoint
add music to powerpoint

PowerPoint will allow you to insert audio files that are saved as MP3 or WAV format. When adding audio files, take note of file size. Large audio files can make your presentation large and slow it down.

Add audio from the Insert menu. Navigate to the Audio button and click it for three options:

  • Audio browser: This brings up audio files on your computer to choose from in a new window. This option will show all audio files and even allow you to preview them. It will show all file types, even those that are not supported by PowerPoint. Songs in iTunes, for example, must be converted to MP3 or WAV format before they can be added to a slide.
  • Audio from file: Lets you select an audio file from your computer. You can directly insert any file that is the appropriate format.
  • Record audio: If you are planning to use your own voice for the audio or want to record a short music clip
add music to powerpoint

Once you have found an audio clip you want to use, select Insert. An audio icon will …

Have You Heard Of Clonezilla?

It’s a cute name. However, Clonezilla is more than just a cute name. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s what Clonezilla is all about.

Clonezilla is a free and open source disk partition and image cloning program. You can use Clonezilla for system backups, full drive clones, system deployments, and more. Furthermore, it supports an enormous range of file systems, as well as multiple boot loaders, encryption, and more.


So, if you’ve just bought a new computer and you’re thinking of moving your old files to it, Clonezilla is a good option.

When you buy a new computer, you have to move your old files to your new system. Copying folder after folder, file after file is tedious. Thankfully, you can use Clonezilla to clone your entire drive to a new drive. Drive cloning with Clonezilla is fast, simple, and best of all, completely free.


Now, before you start cloning your Windows 10 drive, you have to check the capacity of your second drive.

Please note that to clone your Windows 10 drive, your second drive must have an equal or larger capacity to your current storage. For instance, if you want to clone a drive that is using 60 GB storage, the recipient drive must also have at least 60 GB available for a complete clone.


The first thing you need to do is to download Clonezilla. Here’s how you can do it.

You will need a USB flash drive to download Clonezilla. You can make the download quicker with a USB 3 16 gigabyte but you really use any USB for it. Now, go to Then click on the download link on the side.

Once that’s done, go to your download folder to run the executable file. Click on the default option, which is the Clonezilla live version. To avoid overwriting an SD or another thumb drive, make sure to select the USB drive that you’ve inserted. Click “Okay” to download Clonezilla.

You can also create a bootable USB drive with Rufus.

To create your bootable Clonezilla USB flash drive, you need a 1 GB USB flash drive (or larger). You also need handy little bootable USB flash drive tool, Rufus. (Here are some other tools you can use to make a bootable USB flash drive.)

Please note that creating the Clonezilla bootable USB flash drive will completely wipe any existing data on your drive.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Head to the Rufus homepage. Download and install the latest version.
2. After installation, open Rufus. Make sure to insert your USB flash drive.

Tips For Enhancing Website Loading Speed By Proper Optimization

Users use websites for various reasons in their daily tasks. If a user searches for a request using a digital assistant, whether on their phone or on their desk, they expect quick and relevant answers. For example, if a user writes a ‘Web site load speed” query in the first instance, the user usually clicks on the first displayed result, but in case, if the page load speed is much longer than expected, there is a good chance that the user can navigate to another site. Just having a site designed for your business will not work now Improving the … Continue reading

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25+ Best Newborn Lightroom Presets for Baby Photography

Every parent wants to take beautiful photos of their newborn baby to create precious memories. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make those photos look professional with just one-click? That’s exactly what you can do with these newborn and baby Lightroom presets

Photos you take with your digital camera or your iPhone don’t always look all that professional. But there’s no need to hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful photos of your newborn baby. Using this collection of Lightroom presets, you can instantly make your photos look more adorable than ever with a few simple clicks.

In this collection, we’re sharing a set of Lightroom presets specially designed for improving baby photos. With the help of these presets, you’ll be able to capture every adorable moment of your newborn just like a professional photographer.

5 Tips for Editing Baby Photography

Just like taking care of babies, when editing newborn photography you have to treat them with extra care. Follow these tips to get the best results from your baby photography.

1. Use Retouching if Necessary

Newborn photography often amplifies and highlight some unnecessary parts of newborn babies. As a result, the dry skin and red splotches are some of the most common things you have to deal with when processing baby photos.

Sometimes, in order to create a timeless look, you’d want to retouch the baby skin in photos to minimize these areas and create memories that last for a long time.

2. Improving Lighting and Reduce Contrast

Newborn photos look better when taken with natural light. However, it’s also something you can’t control to your preference. For those photos taken in different lighting conditions, you can use Lightroom to optimize the photos with various adjustments.

Also, consider adjusting contrast and slightly lowering it to reduce highlights and give more attention to the baby. However, it also depends on the conditions of the photo shoot.

3. Add Soft and Light Filters

It’s hard to resist adding a filter to your baby photos when there are so many choices for making newborn photos look even more adorable and cute.

Try and keep the use of filters to a minimum to keep the natural beauty of your baby photos. Using soft and light filters with a pastel color should be perfectly fine.

4. Speed up the Process with Presets

If you’re a professional photographer who processes bundles of photos at a time from photo shoots, it’s best to find and use presets to improve photos more easily.

Lightroom presets not only speed up your editing process but also help keep a persistent look and feel across entire photo albums.


30+ Best Gothic Fonts

There’s something unusually attractive about a gothic font design. It can make any typographical layout look magnificent and majestic, and it’s probably why gothic fonts are widely used in branding and logo design.

If you’ve been looking for a unique gothic font for a new project, you’re in luck. We’ve handpicked the best gothic fonts for this collection, with various design styles that you can use to design logos, book covers, posters, website headers, t-shirt designs, and much more. Explore the collection and start downloading!

What Are Gothic Fonts?

Gothic is a style of design that dates back to many years. This design style is inspired by the culture and the architecture from the Middle Ages.

Gothic fonts (also referred to as Blackletter fonts) are a type of fonts that feature the same style of gothic designs in its characters. Gothic fonts are easily recognizable thanks to their unique style of design.

Gothic fonts are now being used in many types of modern designs ranging from product labels to tattoos, badges, logos, poster titles, and much more.

Top Pick

Osgard Pro – Elegant Gothic Font

Osgard Pro - Elegant Gothic Font

Osgard Pro features a modern luxury gothic design that mixes both Gothic and Blackletter design styles together.

This font is perfect for logotypes and branding works related to luxury brands, businesses, high-end products, and fashion brands. It also includes 1000 swashes and ligatures as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

Osgard comes with a design inspired by the typography from the ancient Rome and includes influences from The Ribble Valley where writer J.R.R.Tolkien worked on his books. It’s one of the best-looking gothic fonts on our list.

Medusa Gothic Font

Medusa Gothic Font

Medusa is one of the most beautiful gothic fonts we’ve seen that represents the core features of a true gothic font. Featuring unique ornaments and serifs, the font keeps its elegance throughout its design. This makes it the perfect choice for professional logos, book covers, titles, and much more.

Darklands – A Modern Blackletter Font

Darklands - A Modern Blackletter Font

Darklands is a beautiful gothic blackletter font that features an elegant and modern design. This font comes with a set of characters inspired by the old English typography. It’s perfect for designing posters and website headers.

Incognito – Gothic Tattoo Font

Incognito - Gothic Tattoo Font

Incognito is a modern gothic font that features a design inspired by tattoos and kustom kulture. While the font is most suitable for tattoo artworks, you can also use it with other creative designs as well.

Millennium Blackletter Gothic Font

Millennium Blackletter Gothic Font

Millenium is a monoline blackletter font that also features certain gothic design elements, such as the ornamental curves and unusually geometric style letters. The font comes with a …

30+ Best Free Photoshop Actions 2019

Photoshop actions are quite useful when optimizing photos, applying effects, and editing graphics. For this collection, we’ve handpicked some of the best free Photoshop actions you can download and use with no price to pay!

Whether you’re a professional designer or a complete beginner, Photoshop actions can help you save a lot of time. Simply put, Photoshop actions pack hours worth of design work into a single-click so that you can achieve professional-level effects without an effort.

In this post, we’re featuring several different types of free Photoshop actions. You’ll find them categorized into different effects and styles below. Have a look and start downloading.

Unlimited Downloads of 1 Million+ Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, Graphics, Templates & More

If you’re looking for high-end results with your photos and images, it’s a good idea to choose from one of the many affordable premium Photoshop actions available through Envato Elements. Here are a few of our favorites!

Premium Photoshop actions, and many other design elements to enhance your photographs, are available for a monthly subscription. It starts at $17 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over a million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (actions, presets, brushes, stock photos, and graphics too)!

Just looking for a stylish free Photoshop action? No problem. Let’s dive into our collection of the best free Photoshop actions of 2019!

What Type of Free Photoshop Action Do You Need?

We’ve broken our collection down into different categories, so you can quickly find just the right Photoshop action for your project!

Portrait Photoshop Actions

Free HDR Photoshop Action

Free HDR Photoshop Action

This free HDR Photoshop action allows you to instantly give your photos an authentic HDR-like look to make the photos look more professional. This action will be quite useful for enhancing photos taken in outdoor and natural light conditions, especially including photos taken with smartphones.

5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

This bundle includes 5 professional Photoshop actions for skin retouching and enhancing skin tone. The free versions of the pack include actions for skin airbrushing, brightening eyes, redness reducing, and much more.

40 Free Pastel Effect Photoshop Actions

40 Free Pastel Effect Photoshop Actions

This is a collection of Photoshop actions that allows you to instantly apply beautiful pastel filter effects to your portrait photos to make them look more attractive. It includes 40 different toning effects that are perfect for portrait photographers, graphic designers, and even for optimizing Instagram photos.

Free HDR Portrait Photoshop Actions

Free HDR Photoshop Actions

The HDR effect is a popularly used effect in photography that’s quite difficult to …

The 17 Coolest Fonts of 2019

Whether you prefer serif or sans serif, new fonts are coming out all the time. And they’re going in and out of style all the time, as well. 2019 is a year of bold designs that make a statement, so each of our featured fonts in this post will focus on the emotional response they can create, as well their artistic statement.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 400,000+ Fonts & Design Assets


Example of Helios

Helios is a sans-serif font with a futuristic touch. On first glance (and thanks to the accompanying sample image) it makes one think of space. Really, this font could find a home on a video game cover, a tech company’s homepage, or as a trendy sticker. Helios feels simultaneously as clean and sterile as a spaceship’s airlock and as packed with personality as any other decorative font.

Summer Loving

Example of Summer Loving

Handwritten fonts have been popular for a long time. There are a lot of situations that call for this style. But in 2019, authenticity is valued higher than ever, and nothing looks more authentic in design that a handwritten typeface. The Summer Loving font looks painted – some variants are hastily scribbled, and others look stenciled. Either way, it is full of bubbly personality.

While the name would suggest using this for summer designs, it could work during any season. It does lend itself to bright color palettes, but can definitely be used as a legible graffiti.

Bobby Jones

Example of Bobby Jones

The Bobby Jones font checks a couple of the boxes for font trends in 2019. Namely, it has a certain sense of nostalgia and whimsy, which is in style. It can also easily be used in a brutalist-style piece, given the somewhat gritty styles available. It’s a little bit quirky, a little bit bold, and definitely versatile. If 2019 is about standing out and being different, then this is a great font to try out.


Example of Quinta

Another trend in 2019 is a smaller font size within hero images. With this decrease in font size, it’s important to find an easy-to-read type. A sans serif font is a great place to start, because they tend to look great on various backgrounds.

Self-described as “friendly and quirky”, Quinta is very readable. It has subtle rounded corners, which does make it inviting and lighthearted. A perfect choice for a corporate website header that wants to be a little more friendly and less cold.

Object Sans

Example of Object Sans

Looking for something even more simple and clean? Whether you’re looking for a font to read on screen or in print, this easy-to-read font is great for any need. Its versatility and ubiquity will make it perfect for …

50 Shades of Black: Effective Use of No Color

A few years ago, there was a debate stirring on the web about black. Ian Storm Taylor’s “Never Use Black” was shared and tweeted and read by designers all over the world.

You can debate whether you should use black or not all day long. But the reality is that you will use black. Every designer does – by choosing or not.

So it’s best to understand the color and how to use it properly in a variety of design projects.


The definition of black has a lot to do with how you are publishing – in print or online.

Print publication uses a four-plate scheme to create colors on the page. This process layers four inks – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – to create every color combination, giving each hue a specific CMYK color value. This even applies to different shades of black.

Online, color is made from combining red, green and blue. Both RGB and HEX values are based on these three colors, which are used as the standard for how digital screens (from televisions to computers) display color.

Pure Black vs. Black


Black is more than just a color. There are numerous variations of black in both print and web publishing. So when is black just black?

Pure black refers to the absence of color in black. In CMYK printing, only the K plate would be used. In RGB publication, zero values for each color would apply.

All other blacks have some color in them, whether it is a combination of all colors or just a hint of a single color for a certain tone. This addition of color can create a much richer hue. But it can also cause concerns for some CMYK printers.

Most people, when looking at a grouping of black items, will feel more visually attached to blacks with some color added. These blacks are deeper, brighter and more saturated than pure black.

Black in Print


So how do you know what black to use in print projects?

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish, how your project will be printed and what it will be printed on.

Don’t try to change blacks in images or photographs. You will end up with a mess. Think about the color mix of black when creating elements anew – text, backgrounds, etc. You may also think about the color of black when printing black and white images. Should the image be converted to grayscale or use a four-color rich black to create all of the black tones?

Print jobs that use heavy stock paper will give you much more …

30+ Best Hand Lettering Fonts

Hand lettering fonts can add a unique flourish to your design. They’re full of fun, character, and style. Whether you’re looking for a realistic calligraphy effect, or something more abstract, our collection of the best hand lettering fonts is a great starting point!

Hand lettering fonts span a huge range of styles. They range from bold and masculine block-style typefaces, through to stylistic and feminine freehand. All of these have their place, but in completely different types of project! Whether you’re designing a poster, crafting a logo, or putting together a wedding invitation, this selection of our favourite picks covers a huge range of styles.

What Are Hand Lettering Fonts?

Hand lettering is a creative design style artists use to design beautiful and unique text and titles. Hand lettering involves drawing the letters by hand one by one, giving each letter a unique look and feel.

A hand lettering font is a typeface that features a set of characters that same style of hand lettering designs. Each letter in a hand lettering font features a unique design. This allows you to give character and a personality to your designs, without having to go through the trouble of drawing letters one at a time.

3 Tips for Designing with Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is a style that’s only suitable for certain types of designs. Be mindful about these tips when using hand lettering fonts in your own designs.

1. Hand Lettering vs Handwriting

Many designers often confuse hand lettering fonts with handwriting fonts. However, these are two different types of fonts with different techniques used to design the letters.

A hand lettering font is a font that features a set of characters drawn by hand with unique designs for each and every letter. A handwriting font includes letters with written designs.

We’ve included a mix of both types of fonts on our list so that you can choose according to the project you’re working on.

2. Find the Style That Fits Your Design

Hand lettering fonts aren’t suitable for all types of designs. For example, you should avoid using hand lettering fonts in professional and business designs as well as projects that involve cultural and sensitive topics.

When it comes to greeting card designs, wedding invitations, posters, and flyer designs, hand lettering fonts are quite popular. Pick the right font for the right designs that also fit your branding and target audience.

3. Pay Attention to the Font Size

While hand lettering fonts look great in large sizes as big poster titles and website headers, they may not look just as good in smaller sizes. Since hand lettering fonts feature unique …

The BEST Vintage Film Mobile Apps

Everyone loves that old-school film look. Whether you’re shooting photos with friends or getting some footage for memories, it’s hard not to notice the texture and color qualities of film stock. And now, with modern technology, you can get those retro film tones from the palm of your hand – with your mobile device. There’s no need to go through the long and costly process of buying film cameras and then getting your film processed.

Although film itself may be dying off because of the costly equipment and materials, it doesn’t mean film enthusiasts have stopped enjoying film effects and manipulations. In fact, for me personally,  I started out shooting film, and even though I don’t want to see film die, I still use the mobile apps occasionally when I am in a pinch or looking to try something new! If you’ve never seen super 8 footage before, I highly recommend checking out some of our test footage below and you will be able to see some of the qualities right away!

Now, with the help of your mobile device, you can get super 8 film effects, vhs overlays and more for all of your best memories! Check out our list of the best vintage film mobile apps to help you get those incredible film qualities from your mobile camera.

Vintage Film Mobile Apps

1. VHS Cam

1 VHS Cam Lite - FilterGrade

First on our list is the simple, yet amazing VHS Cam. VHS Cam offers various vhs camera glitch effects, as well as time stamp variations and even title options. VHS Cam comes in either a lite (free) version, or a paid version for just $2.99, but offers a wider range of effects, fonts, time stamps, and more!

You can save videos right to your phone, upload to your Google Drive, or directly share with friends, so there’s never a need to worry about how you can get those old videos converted to mobile viewing.

Be sure to check out this awesome retro app to create timeless memories with your friends.

Check Out VHS Cam Here

2. HUJI Cam








Next up on our list is HUJI. This analog photo app is perfect for anyone looking to add some flare to their photos with these random, disposable camera-like effects. HUJI cam will add unique light leaks, beautiful sun flares, and also a time stamp for that classic, nostalgic feel.

This app isn’t just for photographers, but for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of film without spending any money on equipment or processing. Try it out …