Safety Tips To Keep Hackers Away

Hackers are everywhere. You’ll never really know when they’ll strike. When they do, they will take away vital data from your computer.

No one wants to get hacked. Unfortunately, it happens. Hackers are heartless people. That’s why it’s important to understand what they do and how they do it.

A recent public forum explained what hacking is all about.

What is hacking and how can it be avoided?

These two questions were among many addressed on Tuesday at a public forum titled “You Have Been Hacked!” featuring Charles J. Lesko Jr., director of graduate studies in the ECU College of Engineering and Technology.

“Hacking” refers to the act of someone gaining unauthorized access into a computer or network, Lesko said.

“Anything that’s got digital capability nowadays has the ability for someone to — in some way, shape or form — alter,” he said. “That’s the age that we’re living in now.”


Why do hackers do what they do? Here’s what Lesko has to say about that:

There are many nefarious reasons for hacking, but the primary one is to get your money, Lasko said.


Lesko also offers some safety tips to keep the hackers away.

Never respond to a request from any organization or a business that sends an email asking you for your user ID and password, Lesko said.

“That’s an immediate delete,” he said. “Unless you trust (something) explicitly, don’t (click on it).”

Know the difference between “http” and “https,” letters that appear in the address of a website, Lesko said. The “s” indicates that the website connection is secure.

Regarding passwords, it is best to have ones that are complex and secure, Lesko said. People tend to use simple passwords, even as simple as “password” and “pa$$word,” because they are easy to remember. But they are also easy for hackers to break into.


The key is, never trust emails that ask you to share or update your personal information on the attached link. To start with, organizations or businesses, like banks, will never ask you to update personal information online.
So, if you get an email that seems to look like it’s from your bank, verify it first. Do not trust it and do exactly what Lesko says. Delete it.

Knowing the difference between “http’ and “https” is critical especially if you do a lot of research online. It’s really just a matter of looking out for the letter “s” when you choose a website.

When it comes to password management, Lesko adds;

Lesko recommended using a “password manager” tool that allows computer users to have a range

40+ Best Condensed & Narrow Fonts of 2019

Contrary to popular belief, condensed and narrow fonts don’t make your text cramped or crowded. You just have to know the appropriate time and place to use the font. Condensed fonts are widely used these days for headlines and portraying bold messages, and when deployed in the right place, they can give stunning impact!

It takes a lot of testing and experimenting to find the perfect font for a design. This process can be costly at times. The good news is you can download all the fonts in this list for a single price when you subscribe to Envato Elements.

What is a Condensed or Narrow Font?

A condensed or a narrow font is a typeface that features characters with narrow widths but it also refers to fonts with taller character designs as well. Condensed fonts also have much narrower space between characters than a regular font.

While many designers recommend not to use condensed fonts in body text, these fonts are a popular choice in designing large headlines and titles, especially in posters, website headers, banners, and even in book covers and business cards.

Our Favorite Condensed Fonts

There are many great narrow fonts on our list. To help you find a great font quickly, we picked our favorites from the list.

Top Premium Pick

Devant Pro – Modern Narrow Font

Devant Pro – Modern Narrow Font

Devant Pro is a modern condensed narrow font that features a big and bold design, making it perfect for website headers, posters, banners, flyers, and much more.

The font will definitely come in handy when designing bold titles for both digital and print designs. It’s also available in OTF and TTF as well as Web Font versions.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The thick narrow design of this font will allow you to design more attractive and attention-grabbing titles and headlines in your designs. The web fonts will also be quite useful when using the font in your website designs as well.

Top Free Pick

Gorgeous – Free Condensed Display Font

Gorgeous - Free Condensed Display Font

Just as the name suggests, this free condensed font features an elegant design that you normally see in glamorous and luxury brand designs.

The tall and narrow design of this font makes it a great choice for making logos, titles, and headlines for fashion and luxury design projects. The font, however, is free to use only with personal projects.

Why This Is A Top Pick

This free font has all the elements of professional font design. Even though it’s only free for personal projects, designers, artists, and photographers can still use it with portfolio designs and social media designs to make their creations look more

100+ Beautiful Script, Brush & Calligraphy Fonts

Brush, script, and calligraphy fonts can add a touch of elegance to your design. They’re stylish, flowing, and full of character! We’ve picked some of the best examples of these typefaces to add to your collection.

Whether you’re looking for a precise and decorative script font or a bold brush typeface that needs to grab the reader’s attention, we’ll have something for you here. Each of these fonts is beautifully crafted to add character to your next design project, perfect for logos, lettering, clothing design, posters, flyers, quotes, and so much more.

What Are Script, Brush & Calligraphy Fonts?

All these typefaces have similarities, but each of these styles is unique in a different way. Before we dive into the fonts themselves, let’s quickly outline the difference between them.

Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphic script fonts aim to mimic the style of traditional calligraphy writing. Some have connecting letter designs, and some don’t, but they all have the type of character you’d expect from a hand-written piece of calligraphy.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are a traditional typeface choice, referencing back to formally written styling in the 17th century. They have a flowing, connected style, and most characters adjoin another with a connecting stroke. They can roughly be separated into formal script fonts and casual script fonts. The former is more traditional, and the latter mimic a more quickly written, informal style.

Brush Fonts

These often have a much heavier weight, to look similar to letterforms that have been painted with a brush. They have the same connected, flowing style as calligraphy or script fonts, but their block-style makes them more suited for uses where you need a bigger impact!

Historea – Modern Handlettered Brush Font

Historea - Modern Handlettered Brush Font

This unique brush font comes with a hand-lettered design that is guaranteed to add a personal touch to various types of designs, including greeting cards, website designs, social media posts, and much more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Blink Stones – Creative Brush Font

Blink Stones - Creative Brush Font

Blink Stones is one of a kind creative and quirky brush font that is perfect for creating book covers, greeting cards, and many other creative designs. The font can also be used to create T-shirt designs and mug prints as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Black Sail – Artistic Brush Font

Black Sail - Artistic Brush Font

Black Sail is a modern brush script font that comes in both OpenType and TrueType formats. The font is perfect for creating luxury brand logotypes, business cards, invitations, letterheads, and much more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Galantis Script – Brush Script Font

Galantis Script - Brush Script Font

Galantis is another brush script font that features a unique design of its own. This font also includes OpenType and TrueType …

25+ Best Medical PowerPoint Templates

We’ve prepared a handpicked collection of the best medical PowerPoint templates you can use to quickly make a professional medical-related presentation all by yourself.

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for an event presentation. You have to do the research, prepare the speech and lots more. On top of all that, you also have to design an engaging PowerPoint presentation as well.

Thanks to PowerPoint templates designed by professionals, you no longer have to use a mundane default template or spend hours designing the perfect slideshow. Here are a few of the best PowerPoint templates you can use for all kinds of medical themed presentations.

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, nurse, researcher, or medical sales rep, these presentation templates will get you off to a great start.

3 Things to Look for In a Medical PowerPoint Template

Whether you’re giving a speech at a medical conference, preparing a slideshow for an educational event, or making a presentation for a team meeting, here are a few tips that’ll help make your PowerPoint presentation more effective.

Minimal Content Layout

Using a clean and minimalist slide design always help convey your messages more easily to your audience. A minimal content layout makes the slideshow more effective by giving the spotlight to the key points of your presentation.

Look for a PowerPoint template that uses lots of space between content and elements and find a template with a clean background with a dark or light color for making a more professional presentation.

Editable Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams

Of course, you’ll be talking about lots of statistics, studies, and research data in your medical presentations. Sometimes it can be difficult for the audience to grasp data and statistics when you only use text to describe them.

This is why you should use lots of charts and diagrams in your presentations to visualize data. Thankfully, most medical PowerPoint templates come with editable charts and graphs you can customize to showcase your date more easily.

Easily Editable Designs

The main purpose of a pre-made PowerPoint template is to make the job easier for you to design a presentation slideshow. However, many templates fail at this task by making overly complicated slide designs that require expert skills to edit the template.

Make sure the PowerPoint template you choose has elements that can be easily customized to your preference. Being able to use image placeholders to place images in slides, the ability to edit the colors, and change fonts are also important.

Our Favorite Medical PowerPoint Templates

All of the templates in our list are great but these are our favorite top picks of both …

15+ Best Free Tumblr Themes

If you’re setting up a new blog or a website on Tumblr and want to make your website look unique and stand out from the crowd with a creative theme, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we feature some of the best free Tumblr themes you can use to make a professional website on the microblogging platform.

Tumblr is one of the best platforms for making a blog. In addition to being completely free to use, Tumblr also offers highly customizable options that allow you to set up custom domains, custom theme designs, and more to personalize your website to your preference.

Since it’s a free platform, there are thousands of free and premium themes available on Tumblr. But it can be difficult to find the best, most effective, regularly updated, and properly functioning themes in this vast collection. That’s where we come in. Check out our curated collection to find a great free theme for your new Tumblr website.

3 Best Places to Find Free Tumblr Themes

There are many different places you can use to find premium Tumblr themes. But, only a handful of sites are available for good-looking free Tumblr themes. These are the best sites you can use to find better free themes for Tumblr.

Tumblr Themes

free tumblr themes

The official Tumblr themes directory has the biggest collection of free themes available for the platform. The directory is also quite easy to browse. You can search for designs, narrow results based on types of themes, and install themes on your blog directly through the platform.

However, make sure to preview the themes before installing as some of the themes are quite outdated and have broken code and scripts.

Zen Themes


Zen Themes is a marketplace that offers both premium and free themes. The free Tumblr themes offered by this website feature beautiful designs that can be used to make all kinds of websites from personal blogs to portfolios and more.

You can copy the theme code directly from the website without having to download any files.

Max Davis Themes

max davis themes

Max Davis Themes is a site that offers a limited collection of free Tumblr themes featuring beautifully minimalist designs. These themes feature professional and clean designs that are perfect for making blogs and portfolio websites.

You can easily copy the theme code from this site to install it on your Tumblr website as well.

Our Favorite Free Tumblr Theme

Having to choose one theme from so many can often be quite a time consuming and frustrating task. To help you out, we picked our most favorite free Tumblr theme from the list.

Top Free Pick

Vintage – Free

9 Fantastic Photoshop Actions for Paint Effects

Your photographs are already works of art. But why not make them look even more like art? Enter Photoshop actions for paint effects. Just click one button and these actions will apply themselves to your photo, turning it into a painting. There are a lot of different styles of painting, however, which means you might need different actions for different looks. Here are 9 of our favorite paint effects!

Special thanks to Steve Johnson for the photo from used in the cover image.

View all Photoshop Actions →

Modern Paint Photoshop Actions

This paint Photoshop action comes with a variety of textures that lets you turn your photos into different styles of paintings. There are hundreds of unique combinations, especially with the ability to adjust any of the layers involved. You can be sure that you’ll make a very special piece of art!

Digital Art Photoshop Actions

The Digital Art action will turn any normal photo into what looks like a skillfully airbrushed digital drawing. This is an awesome way to turn a boring photo into something highly stylized. You can also take an already great photo and change it into a very poppy and smooth image!

Premium Photoshop Actions Bundle

This bundle of Photoshop actions includes 17 different actions for a reasonable price! You’ll find actions for double exposure, pop art, vintage painting, and HDR. This is a great place to start with Photoshop actions for paint effects, as it will give you a huge variety of effects to play with.

Vector Painting Photoshop Action

The vector painting action will turn any regular picture into a smooth oil painting with defined lines and splotches of color. This will simplify textures and colors while still remaining realistic. It features toggleable color tone layers to customize your final product.

Portrait Painting Photoshop Action

This effect also applies an oil painting look. The output will be a painting-like image that has smooth lines and textures.

Oil Painting Action

This other oil painting action takes a different approach and uses an impressionist painting style. This subtle look will take a normal photo and smooth it all out with realistic painted textures.

Realistic Painting Action

Sticking to its name, this action creates a realistic painting. It is very subtle with its application, but just enough to make you think twice about whether the image you’re seeing is a photo or a painting!

Watercolor Tracer Pro Photoshop Actions

This Photoshop action features 65 watercolor styles and 8 paper textures, so you can turn …

[Freebie] E-Commerce Icon Pack: 20 Icons, 2 Styles, Ai and PNG

From shopping apps to online marketplace, these e-commerce related icons will make it all so much more fun. With designs ranging from shopping bag, cart, payment, delivery, and customer support, this icon pack has got you covered. Like in a umbrella in the rain. About E-commerce Icon Pack A fresh and modern pack of e-commerce icons perfect for web page designing. It was made by our friends and designers at Vexels in a vibrant color palette taking into account user friendly concepts. It features 20 usable icons that include the top most used ones in e-commerce sites. Download The Icons … Continue reading

Visit us at


from InstantShift…

How to Find a Marketplace to Sell Your Designs

Once you have finished your batch of logos, website design, or whatever creative work you made, you need a marketplace to sell it on. There are a vast number of websites out there for you to choose from.

Selling your designs is a very easy way to make some extra money and to expand your brand. Whether you are an illustrator, 3D artist or logo maker, there is a demand for your creative work.

There is no longer a need to build your own website to sell designs. Now, it is easier than ever to list your work on ecommerce websites to help you reach thousands (if not millions) of people. This article will help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Creative Market

Screen from Creative Market

“Empowering creators to make a living doing what they love” is a phrase that Creative Market uses to describe what they offer and this holds very true. Creative Market has a network of about 5.9 million potential customers that could be interested in purchasing your work.

This marketplace is used to sell graphics, WordPress themes, stock photos, and many other digital goods. There are many success stories from sellers using Creative Market to sell their goods and making a lot of money doing so. Stories such as Nicky Laatz, a South African shop owner, who has earned more than $1,000,000 selling her work on Creative Market.

Envato Elements

Screen from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a digital marketplace that allows creators to sell multiple digital goods such as graphics, fonts, WordPress themes, web templates and photos – along with many more digital items.

The company believes in supporting independent designers and that when the community succeeds, the company succeeds. With this belief they share an even 50% of the net revenue with their designers and sellers. This marketplace is driven exclusively by the community of designers who sell their work with them. Envato Elements is a great way to get paid for your creative work.


Screen from DesignCuts

DesignCuts is a digital marketplace that is driven by the community. They are very selective in who they allow to sell on their marketplace. Taking a visit to their website, you will see the quote “We’re very exclusive and work with only the best designers in the world, curating the highest quality marketplace around.”

This means it is tough to become a seller on their marketplace. But once you do, you will be part of a small group who has access to a large share of potential customers.

The Hungry JPEG

Screen from The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG began in late 2014 as a website to help designers and crafters navigate the design …

How to Design a Perfect Website Onboarding Process (With Examples)

Think about the last time you downloaded a new app or landed on a new website. Did you know exactly what to do? Did the design help you engage with the site in a meaningful way? A simple onboarding process can make all the difference.

It’s important to think about website and app design in terms of onboarding visitors to create the best experience possible. This can include anything from helping someone find an item in your online shop and understanding how to make a purchase, to playing a game, or signing up for an email.

Onboarding is the process of integrating any new user into the design flow so that they can have the best interaction possible with your website, app or digital product or service. Here’s how you design it (with examples for inspiration).

Design for Visual Flow

website onboarding

A good onboarding experience has a beginning, middle and end that’s easy to identify visually.

The user knows where to start if they need help or want to get information. This is often a large image are with an introductory line of text. (Think hero image.)

Then there’s an action to take such as filling out a form or working through a step-by-step guide or tutorial. Finish off with a notification that the action is complete and the user is on their way to success. (This sense of understanding and accomplishment can help keep users engaging online.)

The final notification should include an action that users can complete, such as “now you are ready to play the game” or “tap here to get started.”

Show Users What You Want Them To Do

website onboarding

The onboarding experience should be easy and clearly understandable. This is especially important if your website or app uses uncommon user patterns or unfamiliar functionality.

This is a place where you need to show the user what to do. Use tooltips or a short video that explains how engagement works. Explain the goal or expected outcome and how users can get there.

Milanote, above, does a great job with this on the website homepage. There’s a computer screen showing the app in use in the hero image area. Whether you watch it for a few seconds or the entire loop, this quick video shows every person who comes to the site how to interact with the tool and associated app.

Don’t State the Obvious

website onboarding

When you start thinking about instructions and onboarding experiences, it is easy to get carried away. Resist the temptation.

The best instructions are simple and only appear when necessary.

Only provide instructions and information for unfamiliar actions or navigation. (There’s no need to explain …

Isometric Design & Illustration: An Eye-Catching Trend

Icons form an integral part of any website design. From use in informational and navigational elements, to eye-catching parts of a larger design, icons and icon-based elements can be an attractive and interesting way to draw in users.

While icons have used a dramatically flat aesthetic for a while, more projects are shifting to isometric icon usage. This trend is appearing on websites and print projects across plenty of different industries.

It’s gaining popularity because isometric icons have a more realistic look while still using flat layers. It’s an almost perfect mix of flat and depth. Here’s a more in-depth look at this design trend and how you can make the most of it.

What is the Isometric Icon Trend?

Using shadows and a different perspective when creating each icon can help add flow and visual hierarchy to a design.

Quite simply, isometric design is a method of drawing/creating a three-dimensional object in two dimensions. Isometric icons are an extension of this design technique and the place where this trend seems to be picking up the most traction.

It works because isometric icons have shape, simplicity, and depth. They evoke the beauty of flat design but with an added depth and dimension that makes each element more visually appealing and easier for the user to understand.

Most designers are also opting to create and use isometric icon sets with shapes and elements that look real in combination with bright color schemes. This can be an attention-grabbing combination for users, with color to draw people into the design.

Using shadows and a different perspective when creating each icon can help add flow and visual hierarchy to a design. This isometric version of an environment should be a mini replica of an actual object.

Icon elements for infographics are another popular application of this design trend. With Smaller isometric icons inside larger infographics, this style is an easy way to add visual interest and usability to a project. Thanks to a more realistic style, isometric icons can help add understanding of a concept or ides for users.

A Natural Evolution From Flat Icons

isometric icons

Isometric icons are an evolution of the flat design trend, flat 2.0 and material design. The 3D to 2D design still uses clean and simple lines and styling but with a little more depth.

Color palettes are frequently derived from flat and material as well.

Isometric styles are the perfect mashup of simplicity and information, with an icon design that’s easy for users to understand and has the flat styling that many designers love to work with.

How to Use Isometric Icons

Some designers aren’t stopping with icons …