30+ Laptop Mockup Templates (PSD & PNG)

When it comes to presenting website and graphic designs to clients, using a laptop mockup can substantially boost its appeal. Do you have the right laptop mockup to take your work to the next level?

There are many different ways you can use laptop mockup templates. You can use them to showcase your designs in your portfolio, website design, social media posts, client presentations, and more. We’ve found a set of professional laptop mockups that you can use on all those occasions.

In this post, we’re featuring some of the best laptop mockup templates for designers, both MacBook and Windows laptops. The collection includes templates from Envato Elements, where you get unlimited access to over 650,000 design elements for a single price. Have a look and start downloading.

Floating MacBook Pro Laptop Mockups

Floating MacBook Pro Laptop Mockups

This bundle of MacBook Pro mockups includes 5 different templates featuring creative and colorful settings. The templates are available in 4500×3000 px resolution with smart objects for easier editing.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

15 Frontview Laptop Mockup Templates

15 Frontview Laptop Mockups

A collection of 15 minimal and modern laptop mockups featuring various background settings and isolated items. The templates are fully customizable and you can change the colors, backgrounds, and the shadows however you want.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Modern MacBook Laptop Mockup

Modern Macbook Laptop Mockup

This elegant MacBook laptop mockup features a straight front-view of the device. The template comes with fully organized layers, smart objects, and editable effects. You can customize it using Photoshop CS5 or higher.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Creative Laptop Mockup Template

Creative Laptop mockup

Based on a real photo, this creative laptop mockup template comes in 5000 x 3337 px resolution featuring smart objects and organized layers to let you easily edit the template. It also features a creative background environment as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

12 Laptop Screen Mockups

12 Laptop Screen Mockups

This is a bundle of 12 high-resolution laptop screen mockups featuring a 15.6-inch MacBook Pro. The templates are available in 3800 x 2800px resolution with changeable backgrounds and colors.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Woman Using Laptop Mockup Template

Woman using Laptop mockup Template

A modern laptop mockup featuring a creative working environment and a woman using the laptop. This is most suitable for crafting blog headers and using with portfolio websites.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Feminine Laptop Mockup Template

Feminine Laptop Mockup Template

Another creative laptop mockup featuring a feminine design. You can use this mockup to promote your products and designs in portfolios, social media, and blogs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Minimalist Laptop Mockup Template

Minimalist Laptop Mockup Template

This minimalist and simple laptop mockup can be easily customized to change colors and backgrounds to make it fit any background setting you want. The template features smart objects as well.…

10 Tools for Improving Website Accessibility

There’s no doubt that you understand the need for your website to be accessible for as many users as possible. But reading through all of the guidelines and standards can be a little overwhelming. You can find the latest W3C recommendations here, but do you need to know every word, and follow every guideline?

Today, we’re going to try to make it all a little bit easier with some tools and resources to help you improve website accessibility (and maybe even some checks to consider that weren’t on your radar!).

Whether you’re looking to ensure you have enough visual contrast, a site that’s accessible to screen readers, or even create accessible emails, we’ve got you covered!

1. Color Safe

website accessibility

Color Safe helps you check (and even create) accessible color palettes based on WCAG Guidelines for text and background color contrast. The tool and standards use a ratio-based formula to determine color combinations that can be read by all.

WCAG Guidelines recommend a contrast ratio of 4.5 for small (body) text and 3 for large text (anything over 24 points).

Just enter your colors – based on HEX code – font choice and size and generate a palette. You get an immediate ratio to check against and can see other similar colors. Check through to see if something similar might be a better option based on your typeface and size.

2. NoCoffee

website accessibility

NoCoffee is a Google Chrome browser extension that helps you visualize your design in the same way someone who is vision-impaired might see it. (Nothing highlights the importance of accessibility like seeing it in this manner.)

It can check for and show the following:

  • Low acuity with small text or click targets
  • Low contrast problems with text and background elements
  • Colorblindness
  • Visual snow, glare, ghosting and cataracts
  • Nystagmus, which is rapid involuntary movement of the eyes
  • Obstructed visual fields

3. Contrast Checker

website accessibility

Contrast Checker allows you to enter background and foreground colors on the screen and get immediate checks against several visual standards with an instant, color-coded pass/fail.

Nice features of the tool include the ability to flip between color and grayscale options, share samples of your checks and pull colors from images. You can also save a PDF sample. It’s an easy tool with plenty of features that anyone can use quickly.

It also provides the color ratio, as outlined in the WCAG Guidelines.

4. Tota11y

website accessibility

Tota11y is a JavaScript file that puts a tiny button in the bottom corner of documents. It expands with a toolbar that includes multiple plugins for different accessibility checks.

  • Headings and heading order violations
  • Contrast (or lack thereof)
  • Link text that’s

40+ Best Sketch Templates of 2019

Sketch is a unique app that offers amazing features and functionality for creating app UI designs and mockups. Creating an effective UI for an application requires time, detailed attention, and—most importantly—an idea to get started with!

In order to streamline the design process for creating your next app interface, we’ve collected the best Sketch UI templates and materials that you can use for your next app project. All these packs come with hundreds of UI design elements and can be easily implemented in your design. Enjoy!

HIX – Dashboard UI Kit for Sketch

HIX - Dashboard UI Kit for Sketch

Hix is a bundle of Sketch templates you can use to design modern and creative user interfaces. It comes with 6 different dashboards and more than 35 types of widgets. In addition, the pack also includes 14 pre-made dashboard layouts as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

E-Commerce – Done UI Kit iOS & Android UX Template

E-Commerce - Done UI Kit iOS & Android UX Template

If you’re working on a mobile app for an eCommerce business or shop, this bundle of Sketch templates will come in handy. It features several useful mobile screen templates for eCommerce apps. The templates are available in Sketch, PSD, and XD formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

300+ Web Design Wireframe Sketch Templates

300+ Web Design Wireframe Sketch Templates

This massive bundle of Sketch templates is designed specifically for web designers. It includes more than 300 different web layout templates in 19 different categories and with 2000 possible combinations.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

DarkDot – Wireframe UI Kit Sketch Template

DarkDot - Wireframe UI Kit Sketch Template

Using dark color schemes is a popular trend in app and web design. DarkDot wireframing kit will help you craft the perfect web designs with dark colors with its collection of 170+ layouts available in 17 categories.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Chrome Browser Window – Website Mockup

Chrome Browser Window – Website Mockup

Looking for a beautiful and creative browser mockup to showcase your product, screenshots, and websites? Then this browser mockup template will come in handy. It comes in Sketch, PSD, and XD formats. Firefox and Safari versions are also available.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

ARON – Web UI Kit Sketch Templates

ARON Web UI Kit Sketch Templates

Aron is a bundle of web user interface templates for Sketch. It comes with 280 web layouts and elements in 8 categories. The templates are also available in dark and light color themes.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Multimedia and Entertainment UI KIT for Sketch

Multimedia and Entertaintment UI KIT for Sketch

Working on an entertainment-related app or website design? This Sketch templates kit comes with 13 different screen layouts featuring 40 unique elements you can use to find inspiration for your creative app or website design.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Profiles – Done UI Kit iOS & Android UX Template

Profiles - Done UI Kit iOS & Android UX Template

Crafting profile screens and UI designs will be …

30+ Best Tri-Fold Brochure Templates (Word & InDesign)

Are you working on a new tri-fold brochure design for your business? Want to make them look even better than your competitors? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re featuring some of the best tri-fold brochure templates you can use to easily design a stunning brochure with a minimal budget.

The design of a brochure says a lot about a company and the quality of the business. The colors you use in your brochure, the way you format the content, and the fonts you choose, play an important role in showing off professionalism and authority.

For this collection, we carefully handpicked the best brochure templates designed by professionals to help you choose the right design and get a headstart on your own tri-fold brochure design.

All the templates in this collection can be downloaded from Envato Elements for a single price. All you have to do is buy a subscription and you’ll be able to download all these templates and 490,000 more design elements without having to pay for each item.

Trifold Multipurpose Corporate Brochure

Trifold - Multipurpose Corporate Brochure

This elegant and modern trifold brochure template is perfect for designing a professional brochure for a corporate or small business. The template comes in 2 different color schemes and in A4 size.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

Trifold Business Brochure Template

Trifold Business Brochure Template

Another modern brochure template featuring a stylish design most suitable for corporate businesses, startups, and agencies. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes. You’ll also be able to customize it using InDesign and Photoshop as well.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign & Photoshop

Modern Neon Brochure Template

Modern Neon Brochure Template

This colorful trifold brochure template comes in a square-shaped layout in 20cm x 20cm size. It can be easily customized to change colors, text, backgrounds, and more. The template is compatible with InDesign CS4 and higher.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

Creative Trifold Brochure Template

Creative Trifold Brochure Template

The minimal and clean design used in this brochure template makes it the perfect choice for designing a creative brochure for agencies and startups. The template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

Modern Corporate Trifold Brochure

Modern Corporate Trifold Brochure

A modern trifold brochure template featuring a highly visual design. The template can be easily customized to change colors and the images to your preference. It comes in A4 size.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

Minimalist Trifold Brochure Template

Minimalist Trifold Brochure Template

This clean and simple trifold brochure is most suitable for making brochures for creative agencies and professionals. The template includes free fonts and drag and drop image placeholders for easier editing.

  • Supported Formats: InDesign

Feminine Square Brochure Template

Feminine Square Brochure Template

If you’re working on a brochure design for a feminine brand, this template will come in handy. It features …

What’s the Best Font for Subtitles? 5 Examples Compared

When it comes to choosing the best font for subtitles (or any other captioning), nothing matters more than readability. Clear subtitles are more than just identification on the screen, they can be a means of accessibility for many users.

You’ve probably seen a fair share of good – and bad – subtitle font options. (I remember watching a movie where the subtitles were yellow and nearly unreadable in some scenes. That’s not a good choice!) Closed captions are also common for viewing video on social media – who wants to play the sound at work? – and to understand content in another language.

Today, we’ll look at some of the best fonts for subtitles, and tips for creating small text elements on a moving video background that people will actually want to read.


font for subtitles

Roboto is one of the most common typefaces in the modern era. It’s used pretty universally across device types, screen sizes and for a number of purposes. Subtitles and captions are no exception.

And because the eye is so used to this typeface, it’s quick and easy to read. The goal of using a subtitle is to make the content easier for the user to understand, and that’s why Roboto is a good option.

Wired magazine explains that people are using captions for everything:

“Closed captions are a must for foreign-language movies and shows like Netflix’s 3%, and they’re great for shows with heavy accents or jargon. But more and more people are leaving them on for everything. Why?”

Getting into the answer can be a little complicated – you can read about it in Wired – the takeaway is that people are using lots of subtitles and captioning. As a designer, you need to be ready to accommodate it.

Roboto has a wide range of weights and styles, but for subtitles and captions, avoid condensed or super-thick or thin weights. You might recognize Roboto Medium as the font YouTube uses for subtitles by default.

Find it here: Roboto is available from Google Fonts (and plenty of other providers) as an open-source typeface.


font for subtitles

I like this option because some of the extra type options are just as readable as the monospaced version.

Cinecav Closed Caption Fonts is a set of sans serifs with monospaced and proportionally spaced options for all subtitle usage. What makes this font a good option is that it specifically designed to meet FCC requirements for closed captioning (CEA-708).

“They are more elegant, more legible, and more consistently designed for television applications than fonts provided by other suppliers and have been tested and refined on a broad range of DTV platforms,” …

The Democratization of Logo Design

It’s getting easier all the time for you to create a logo design. It’s no longer purely the realm of expensive design agencies, those with years of Illustrator knowledge, or marketing teams.

Better tools are making it easier all the time for you to put together icons and text for a logo design that works for you. Not sure where to start? We have some ideas that can jumpstart your creativity and help you create a logo design.

Will it be a logo that ignites a global brand for decades to come? Possibly not. But it might be the perfect logo for your startup, local business, or website.

The Importance of a Logo

logo design

Having a logo to represent your company or brand is an essential part of your marketing plan. A logo creates a visual connection between you and an audience and gives people something to connect to your company. Most logos are long lasting and establish a tie to what you do.

A logo creates a visual connection between you and an audience and gives people something to connect to your company.

According to an article in BBC News, a good business logo has three characteristics: It must be appropriate to the business, it must be memorable, and it must be uncomplicated in form.

This is a great guideline when it comes to thinking about your brand mark. A simple design that represents what you do and the name of your business is often enough to get started.

And for most startups or small businesses, this is something you can do yourself with a tool such as the Wix Logo Maker. The tool allows you to create a professional logo for your brand that you can customize in any way you need, and the rights to the design belong to you when you are done.

Designs can be used for any purpose – even commercial designs – and any application. Use logos on your website, business cards, social media profiles, t-shirts or anything else you can imagine.

One you start thinking about all the places you’ll want to see your logo, creating one should be a no-brainer!

Tips for a Lasting Logo Design

logo design

When it comes to designing a logo, you want something that you can use for a long time. This can establish brand identity and help people identify your brand, product or service.
When you start brainstorming logo design ideas, keep these tips in mind.

  • Opt for conceptual, rather than literal icons or visual elements. Literal icons – such as a computer for a website design business – can be boring or even get

50+ Best Lightroom Presets of 2019

If you’re looking to supercharge your design workflow this year, updating your Lightroom presets with a new, powerful collection is a good idea! Lightroom presets let you instantly fix, improve, and enhance your photos with a single click. And we’ve found the perfect set of presets just for you.

Having the right set of Lightroom presets can be a huge time-saver for designers. Everything from retouching portrait photos, to adding stunning visual effects, enhancing interior photos, optimizing HDR photos, adding retro effects, and much more is possible with the Lightroom presets we’ve included in this list.

What Is A Lightroom Preset?

For beginners, photo editors without a lot of time, or designers that want to create a consistent visual style for imagery, a Lightroom Preset can be a great alternative to manual editing.

A preset is a free (or paid) add-on that comes with pre-determined settings for some of the different features in Lightroom. A preset has all the settings ready to create a certain type of visual with just one click. They can save photographers, editors, and designers a lot of time while helping maintain a consistent visual style.

Need a hand getting started? Our guide on how to install and apply a Lightroom preset is a great place to begin.

Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

Sleeklens offers a huge variety of high-end Lightroom presets to handle almost any style of photography. These stackable presets will instantly turn your photos from snapshots to professional looking images in just a few clicks.

Whether you are a portrait photographer who wants to make your models look amazing or a landscape photographer who wants to bring out the detail in their images, these top-rated presets cover everything you need and more. You can also save 5% on anything at Sleeklens with the code designshack5.

Pro HDR Collection Lightroom Presets

Pro HDR Collection Lightroom Presets

This is a collection of professional Lightroom presets that allows you to give your photos an authentic HDR look and feel without much effort. The presets in this bundle are also compatible with both the mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom app.

Cool Blue Lightroom Presets

Cool Blue Lightroom Presets

This bundle comes with 10 different Lightroom presets featuring cool blue toning effects. These effects will help give your natural light and portrait photos an attractive look and feel.

Moscow Travel Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Moscow Travel Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Moscow Travel is a collection of Lightroom presets designed specifically for improving your travel photos. The pack includes 9 different presets featuring various styles of Instagram-like filters.

Vintage Wedding Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Vintage Wedding Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Featuring 11 different Lightroom presets, this bundle will help you enhance your wedding photos by giving them a …

30+ Best Fonts for Resume + Cover Letters

Writing the perfect resume or cover letter takes careful creative thinking. And choosing one of the best fonts for a resume or cover letter can help your words have an impact, look professional, and stand out!

Of course, the contents of these documents are the key thing. But you do need to carefully consider the design of your resume or cover letter to make it appear professional.

In addition to finding the right resume template to represent yourself, choosing the best font for your resume and cover letter is one of the most important tasks that requires attention. It might determine whether you’ll come across as a true professional or an amateur (especially for any creative position).

There are many different styles of fonts you can choose to design a resume or cover letter. To help you get a headstart, we handpicked a collection of the best fonts for resume and cover letters to help you find the right font for your design.

Best of luck with your job application!

Amber Queen – Signature Font

Amber Queen Signature Font

This stylish signature font is the perfect typeface you can use to craft an elegant title for your resume or cover letter. It’s also a great choice of font for giving your name more personality.

Rustic Towns – Signature Font

Rustic Towns Signature Font

Rustic Town is a yet another elegant signature font you can use with your resume to make your title and headers look more creative. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

Zayley – Serif Regular Font

Zayley Serif Serif Font

Zayley is a modern serif font that features a high-end luxury design. It’s ideal for crafting professional resumes for corporate positions. While the font looks great in all-caps, it includes lowercase letters with multilingual support.

VISIA Duo – Geometric Typeface

VISIA Duo Geometric Typeface

If you’re looking for a unique font combo to use in your creative resume design, this font will come in handy. It includes natural and outline typeface designs you can use to craft titles and text in your resume and cover letters.

Carolin Duo – Font Family Pack

Carolin Duo Font Family Pack

Carolin Duo is another bundle of fonts that you can use to design modern resume and cover letters. The font comes in serif and sans serif typefaces as well as in multiple font weights.

Zevida – Sans Serif Font Family

Zevida Sans Serif Font Family

Zevida is a family of sans serif fonts that includes font weights ranging from thin to regular and bold. It incldues both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Summer – Handwritten Font

Summer Handwriting Font

Summer is a unique handwritten font you can use to craft the headers and titles in your resumes. It will especially fit in nicely with your resume designs …

T-Shirt Design Software: 3 Options & Approaches

Almost every brand, website or even individual has a custom t-shirt. It’s one of the best ways to promote a product, message or just a cool design. But where do you start? Do you need t-shirt design software to get your creative idea on a shirt? Let’s compare a few options.

Today, we’re going to explore three different approaches to t-shirt design (from beginner to advanced), as well as three different ways to get your design from the computer to a wearable format.

For each of these, we’ll look at a software option that can help get you started.

T-Shirt Design for Beginners

 shirt design software

If you are designing a t-shirt for the first time or just need a quick fix, a tool that does everything might be the best option. While this approach can cost a little more on a per-shirt basis, it is a good entryway into t-shirt design.

Look for software or tools that are inclusive and flexible enough so that you feel comfortable with them while ensuring that shirt styles match your needs. It’s becoming more common to offer multiple sizes and styles (men’s, women’s and children’s cuts) and even multiple colors.

Don’t let all the options overwhelm you though. Start with a standard t-shirt design and color when you create the first design. When it comes to putting elements on a shirt, an interesting design that’s not too overwhelming or busy can be best. (The design does not need to cover every square inch of the fabric.)


DesignAShirt.com is a good starter platform if you need help creating a shirt design. It’s a one-stop solution with a design studio to help you make the artwork and then the software (or online tool as it may be) gets shirts printed and sent to you.

The tools are easy to use, and you can see the design unfold as you add text or other creative elements. Change the font, color or placement. Add images or logos and just drag and drop elements to see how they look in “real time.”

This is a tool that’s made for beginners or simple design projects. (And if you get in trouble DesignAShirt.com has a concierge service that can step in and help.)

You can also add customizations like team names or numbers (great for youth sports) and there are plenty of shirt sizes and cuts to choose from.

T-Shirt Design in a Pinch

 shirt design software

Sometimes you need a t-shirt design idea right this minute. That’s where t-shirt design software templates can really come in handy. Templates provide a starter for the design that you can further customize to get just what you …

50+ Best PowerPoint Templates of 2019

The key to winning your audience is a perfectly designed PowerPoint presentation. Whether you’re speaking at a conference, pitching to an investor, or talking about sales projections at a business meeting, this collection of the best PowerPoint templates will help you speak to your audience.

The way you design your PowerPoint slides will play a key role in the success of your presentation. You need to use the right colors in your slides, structure the content for readability, and visualize data with charts and graphs to deliver a compelling presentation.

It usually takes hours to design a great PowerPoint presentation. But, you don’t have to go through all that trouble. We’ve found some of the best new PowerPoint templates you can use to quickly set up a professional presentation slideshow within a few minutes.

Namira – Colorful PowerPoint Presentation

Namira - Colorful Powerpoint Presentation

Namira is a modern and colorful PowerPoint presentation template filled with vibrant colors, beautiful shapes, and modern designs. The template comes with more than 50 unique slide designs with image placeholders, vector icons, graphics, and much more.

Valleza – Modern PowerPoint Template

Valleza - Modern Powerpoint Template

Valleza is another elegant PowerPoint template that features a colorful design. It includes a total of 150 slides and 5 pre-made color schemes. Each color scheme template includes 30 unique slides and allows you to customize it however you want.

Watch – Minimal PowerPoint Template

Watch - Creative PowerPoint Template

Watch is a minimalist PowerPoint template featuring a modern and elegant design that stands out from the crowd. The template has 30 unique slides with customizable drag and drop designs, image placeholders, vector graphics, and much more.

Indiana – Professional PowerPoint Template

Indiana - Professional Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a set of modern and professional slides that include highly visual designs. The slides in this template let you highlight your brand, business, and products with large images as well. It includes 30 unique slides in 5 color schemes.

Belrust – Creative PowerPoint Template

Belrust - Creativea Powerpoint Template

Belrust is a creative PowerPoint template that’s most suitable for making presentations for startups, agencies, and marketing brands. The template comes with a total of 150 slides that features lots of editable graphics, vector icons, and infographics.

Tech Evangelist – PowerPoint Template

Tech Evangelist - PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is specifically designed for making presentations for technology events and pitching startups. It features plenty of useful slide designs that can be easily customized to your preference by changing colors, text, and images.

Red Line – Modern PowerPoint Template

Red Line - Modern PowerPoint Template

Red Line is a modern PowerPoint template featuring a stylishly minimal design. The template includes 20 master slides that come in 2 different sizes to fit all types of screens. It also features image placeholders, icons, graphics, and much …